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A different approach to Technology

Our mission is to provide simple, reliable, and affordable technology solutions to the MultiFamily market. We deliver a turn-key service that allows you to experience the most state of the art technology while staying within your budget. Our service provides a truly flat rate IT service from a company you can trust. You manage your property, we will manage your technology needs.

Welcome to the HIVE.

Our service offerings

Onsite & Scheduled Services

  • Scheduled Onsite Service to Fit Your Busy Schedule
  • Computer Repair When You Need a Quick Fix
  • Network Troubleshooting if Your Internet is Down
  • Virus & Malware Removal

Managed Technology Services

  • Managed, Enterprise-Class Firewall with Wireless and Wired Networking
  • Website Blocking & Safe Content filtering
  • Public Computer Management
  • Managed AV
  • Service & Support
  • Free Remote Support

Business Grade Computers & Software

  • Business-Level Computers with 3 YR warranty
  • Proactive Technology Plan to Get the Most of Your Equipment
  • Latest Office Productivity Software

Managed, Enterprise-Class Firewall with Wireless and Wired Networking

  • Provides a secure network that protects your computers from Internet threats such as Hackers, Viruses, Malware, Spyware etc.
  • Protects your Leasing Office network from the Business Center or Public Network.
  • Secure WiFi network for your leasing devices, guests, and public computers.
  • Use just one Internet Circuit, no additional circuits needed for the business center network.

Website Blocking & Safe Content Filtering

  • Restrict what websites can be accessed from the Public WiFi and Business Center computers.
  • Blocks inappropriate sites based on categories that you can define (Porn, Gambling, Dating, Violence/Hate).

Public Computer Management

  • Residents have ability to install and run programs on business center computers without restrictions.
  • Computers will “reset” every day and remove any changes that have been made to them.
  • Business Center computers will be the same on day 500 as they were on day 1 at the property.
  • Management no longer needs to remove software, reset settings, or spend any time fixing business center PC issues.

Managed Antivirus

  • Enterprise Grade AntiVirus software will be installed on all Leasing and Business Center computers at the property.
  • AntiVirus software will never expire or fail to be loaded with latest signatures or definitions.
  • Never pay a technician again for removing viruses from your leasing office computers.

Service and Support

  • Each property will have a dedicated technician who builds a relationship with the property.  All services will be done by a familiar face who understands each property’s needs.
  • Unlimited Free Remote Support.  95% of all service tickets can be addressed remotely with no charge to the property.  A technician can remote into your computer and fix the majority of issues without delay.
  • Monthly Courtesy Visit.  Your technician will visit the property once a month on a scheduled basis to address any issues the property might have at no charge.

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